Featuring Opphämta & All that Jazz

My final project is a combination of two weaving techniques. For truth be told I did not know which to pick. I have once let slip that I dislike when colours mix in warp and weft. The only way to avoid this, in my mind is either to do a double weave or a weave with long floats like in Opphämta. I had in mind to sew one or two garments maka a little collection maybe but long floats are a bit of a nuisance. So no Opphämta yet I´ve also been toying with the idea of how to make it more attractive. Sexy if you will. Solution: combine the two. No more long floats on the back.

I give you my version of thread acrobatics a doubleweave woven in the drawloom with 40 shafts, of which 20 black and 20 white.

DOUBLEWEAVE : Featuring Opphämta & All that Jazz

An ordered dance of stripes and triangles, squares and diamonds, a steady rhythm, a solid beat. Once in a while there is a flutter, something other, an insect, a jewel, a splash of colour, a shining contrast to the monochrome, this my dear is where opphämta comes in play, a new puls, a skipped heartbeat. 

Spicy, no?