My Story

I've got a degree in Ba (hons) Costume for the Screen and stage, a Textile Handicraft foundation diploma and am currently studying my final year of Advance Textile Handicraft at HV Skola in Stockholm.

I've always kept my hands busy with something, tinkering with various crafts but textiles, fabric and yarn has been a constant.

Ten years ago I got my first knitting machine because I got so frustrated with my lack of skill in handknitting ( all I wanted to do was make lovely vintage inspired fair isle sweaters but the tension was all wrong). Getting a knitting machine seemed like a perfect solution in truth it only added to my frustration, knitting machines just like sewing machines are temperamental. I have since attended numerous courses in both hand and machine knitting and spent many hours both with needles in hand or at the needlebed. So I can say without boasting that I'm getting pretty good.

At HV Skola I'm struggling with a whole range of new tools. Here I've been introduced to weaving and all that entails. I'm thoroughly enjoying making my own fabrics from scratch. We have learned to spinn our own yarn but I'm quite happy to buy ready made I've got to draw the line somewhere...
I have however teamed up with my hubby to make and design some of the tools I use for knitting and weaving. His passion is to build 3D printers so together we have developed a few tools I sell to my fellow schoolmates. You can find them in my shop.

Curriculum Vitae


Advance Textile Handicraft                                                                  2018-2021

HV Skola in Stockholm

Recycle Design                                                                                         2010

Mälardalens Högskola

Ba (hons) Costume for the Screen and stage                                1999-2002      

Arts University Bournemouth


Knitting by hand or by machine, machine embroidery on a treadle machine, sewing, patterndrafting, weaving 


Swedish, English, German (passable)

What I'm up to now


The No Furniture Fair = Mattbasar                                               2021

HV Galleri Stockholm

HV Examination Exhibit                                                               2021

HV Galleri Stockholm



Designproject: Kitchen towel inspired by Skansen open air museum 

100% Linnen woven by Klässbols